Diagrammatic reasoning tests are hard. Usually the first time we encounter them is when we apply for a job. For that reason, diagrammatic reasoning tests are feared. But how hard are they, and what is the hardest diagrammatic reasoning question ever written?

We’ve been through thousands of diagrammatic reasoning questions and millions of answers to find the one. The needle in the haystack. The diagrammatic reasoning question that no-one can answer. And here it is:

Q) Which is the next logical image in the sequence?


Correct Answer: B. Each block in the series contains a triangle, a square, a black circle and a white circle. At each step in the series all four figures shift by one place. There are two alternate series of blocks. The figures in the first, third and fifth block rotate anticlockwise. The figures in the second, fourth and sixth blocks rotate clockwise.


3,501 takers, 999 correct, 2,502 wrong, 29% success

So there you go - that was the hardest diagrammatic reasoning question ever written. Just 29% of people got that one right so don’t feel bad if you were one of them. However, if you’d like to stand out from your peers and get questions like this right, it might be time to start practicing.