Numerical reasoning tests are not easy. They’re designed not to be. If they were, they wouldn’t be very useful in assessing a person’s analytical skills. Of course, just as test takers sometimes get it wrong, so too do examiners. Here we take a look at the easiest numerical reasoning question ever written.

We’ve been through thousands of numerical reasoning questions and millions of answers to find the one. The needle in the haystack. The numerical reasoning question that everyone can answer. And here it is:

Q) How many more Australian Dollars (AUD) could you buy with 2,000 British Pounds in 2022 compared to 2023?

A) $360
B) $420
C) $520
D) $1,580


Correct Answer: A.
£2,000 × 1.49 = AUD 2,980
£2,000 × 1.31 = AUD 2,620
2,980 - 2,620 = AUD 360


863 takers, 849 correct, 14 wrong, 98% success

So there you go - that was the easiest numerical reasoning question ever written. A staggering 98% of people got that one right. If you didn’t, don’t panic, you’re not alone. But perhaps, now is the time for some practicing!