Psychometric tests are notoriously hard, but are some easier than others? We take a look at some of the easier questions and find the 1 question everyone can answer.

We know that psychometric tests are hard, but there are some easier ones too. We were interested to find out just what is the easiest psychometric test question ever written. We’ve been through thousands of psychometric tests and here we reveal the easiest numerical, verbal and diagrammatic reasoning questions. Take a look and see if you can avoiding being part of the few who answer them incorrectly.

Q1) Which year has the most flights?

A) 2020
B) 2021
C) 2022
D) 2023



Correct Answer: D
2020: 2038 + 4958 + 5943 = 12,939
2021: 3098 + 4876 + 6840 = 14,814
2022: 4983 + 5678 + 6340 = 17,001
2023: 4759 + 6953 + 6928 = 18,640


1,069 takers, 1,056 correct, 13 wrong, 99% success

Q2) Older males have the least adequate pension provision.

A) True
B) False
C) Cannot Say


Amongst the many priorities within our planning and research into the recently proposed ‘auto-enrolment workplace pensions scheme’ is employee attitudes. The scheme would dictate auto-enrolment into workplace pensions for all of our employees. Our survey findings tell us that those people for whom this scheme is intended to offer the most benefit are those least in favour of it.

The scheme is designed to target those people who have traditionally never had the adequate resources or information to make appropriate, informed decisions about planning for their retirement. These are the people who typically have the least provision for their retirement. The findings tell us that the group most in favour were in the 40 plus age bracket whereas their younger counterparts (aged below 40) only had 35% of people in agreement that it was a positive move.

The survey also asked potential scheme members about levels of awareness. The findings present a wide split between the two age groups. Younger employees reported having least knowledge about the scheme. Respondents were also asked about current pension provisions. Males overall reported having better provision than females in this regard and older people had superior pensions compared to their younger equivalents.


It states that males have better provision than females and that older people have superior pensions to younger people therefore we can conclude that older males have the best provision.


398 takers, 381 correct, 17 wrong, 96% success

Q3) Which is the next logical image in the sequence?

A, B, C, D, E, F Img


Correct Answer: B. Each block in the series contains two arrows. At each step in the series: the first arrow rotates anticlockwise by 45-degrees at each step in the series; and the second arrow, which is always horizontal, alternates between pointing right and pointing left.


321 takers, 306 correct, 15 wrong, 95% success

So there you go - those were some of the easiest psychometric questions ever written. If you didn’t answer them correctly, don’t panic. But perhaps, now is the time for some practicing!