You have emailed your colleague Kat, to request some key data relating to an important client project you are working on. You require this data in order to move on to the next phase, and after a week of chasing, she finally responds with the email below:

Apologies for my delayed in coming back to you, I am snowed under at present. I haven’t had time to get the data you need, but I can send you a high-level overview of it?

Thanks Kat

What do you do? a) Email back and accept the high-level overview. b) Respond explaining that you don’t think her attitude is very helpful and suggest that she needs to do more to support you in future. c) Call her directly and highlight the importance of the detailed data and ask whether there is anything you could do to help her make time for it.

Option C I correct. By calling, you are gaining an immediate response which is important considering the delay. Equally, you’re giving her options to help her get the information to you.