Psychometric aptitude tests can be confusing. We’ve been helping people improve their scores over the last 10 years and here are some of the most common questions and answers.

What are Psychometric aptitude tests?

They typically consist of numerical, verbal and diagrammatic or inductive reasoning tests. These tests assess candidate’s ability to deal with information quickly but carefully under time pressure.

Why do employers use these tests?

Research has shown that candidates who perform well in Psychometric aptitude tests perform better in the work place. Further to this in the current economic climate there are so many applicants for the best jobs that employers can use Psychometric aptitude tests to identify the strongest candidates for the job.

How do I pass Psychometric aptitude tests?

It’s not true that these tests simply assess natural ability and they cannot be perfected. Candidates can maximise their chance of passing by practicing the type of questions they are likely to be presented with in their assessment centre. It’s important to be as familiar as possible with the types of questions asked and it’s equally important to get used to sitting aptitude tests under time pressure.

Where will I have to sit my Psychometric aptitude tests?

Psychometric aptitude tests are normally either tested in an assessment centre under exam conditions or at home. If required to sit the test at home make sure you’re not disturbed and ensure you do the test by yourself.

What score do I have to get to pass?

There’s generally no specific score you hve to achieve, performance is assessed against the performance of others. If you’re applying for an engineering job then the score required is likely to be higher than if applying for an advertising job but it’s important to score as highly as possible. Accuracy is key though so try to work quickly but carefully.

How should I prepare for my Psychometric aptitude tests?

Practice is essential, get used to working under time pressure and the types of questions that are typically presented in these types of tests. The more you practice the better you will score. Make sure you focus on your weakest area. Most candidates struggle with numerical reasoning tests so this is the area the majority of candidates would be advised to focus on.

I’m good a maths why do I need to practice numerical aptitude tests?

No matter how good you are at maths, there’s always room for improvement. You may be good at maths but working under time pressure with questions in unfamiliar formats has been proven to throw many capable candidates. Research has shown that over 80% of candidates underperform on their Psychometric aptitude tests, don’t be one of them. Performing strongly in Psychometric aptitude tests could be the factor that distinguishes two otherwise very similar and capable candidates.