If you want to find your numerical aptitude, then you will be asked to perform on a numerical reasoning test. It is a psychometric test which will allow you to explore your aptitude of math and jobs related to it. You will perform well on the test if you have interest and aptitude of math. However, if you want to perform better on the test regardless of your aptitude, then you here are a few tips for you which will help you score better on the test. Follow the tips given below, and you will definitely exceed your expectations.


There is a thing which you can do to perform well, before taking the test, and that is to practice harder. Almost every other subject is about memorizing stuff, while math requires you to sit down and practice more and more. So, try to practice the questions before actually taking the test. It will help you perform better and also you will able to solve the problems quicker in the test.

Graph Questions

Items in the test, which are graph questions or table problems, should be read very carefully. First of all, you should look at the statement and try to make sense of it and then go for looking at the graphs, charts and tables. The reason for looking at the statement is the fact that these can be tricky and you should first understand what has been asked from you and then go looking for the answer. However, this is a general principle, and you should read all the instructions before solving the test.

Quick Questions

These are the questions which do not require you to use your calculator because these are simple enough that you can solve them in your mind. Moreover, these can only be solved by practice because if you have practised doing simple math in your mind, then you can solve these problems easily. These are the questions which should take least of your time because you will need extra timings for the questions which want you to do rough work on a blank paper.

Word Problems and Number Series

These are fun questions, and if you have been practising, these should be a piece of cake for you. Most of the people love these problems because these are fun to do so and easier to solve and do not require much hard work. However, if you haven’t practised these questions, you might end up spending more time on these questions and won’t score well.

Allocate Time

You should decide it beforehand that how many seconds you are allocating to a question and to what type of question. You might know all the answers, but if you don’t have time, you will end up leaving half of your test unsolved. So, always decide to allocate your time before starting your test.

Careful planning and rigorous practice are the keys to perform well on your numerical reasoning test.