Fancy yourself as a young Albert Einstein? Here we reveal one of the hardest psychometric tests we’ve ever asked. Sure, it wouldn’t be too much difficulty for Einstein himself, but what about for you? Give it a try and see if you’ve got what it takes.

To find the most difficult questions, we’ve reviewed millions of results from thousands of test takers. Below you can find one that only 28% of test takers got right. Considering there are 5 options, 20% would have got this right by chance alone! So, it’s safe to say, this is one for only the very brightest. Give it a go to see how bright you are:

Q) One of the years shown had a total production cost of £50 million (to the nearest £1,000). What was the total bikes sales figure for that year (to the nearest £100,000)?

A) £86,000,000
B) £85,900,000
C) £85,905,000
D) £85,500,000
E) £85,000,000 Img


Correct Answer: B.
Step 1. Calculate the production costs for each year Multiply Number of bikes sold by Average production cost:
2022 = £64,561,000
2021 = £56,223,750
2020 = £53,759,200
2019 = £54,055,490
2018 = £49,966,400 = £50 million (to the nearest £1,000)

Step 2. Review to establish the year in question Year 2018

Step 3. Find the Total bikes sales figure for that year. Multiply Number of bikes sold by Average sales price:
= 13,360 x £6,430
= £85,904,800 = £85,900,000 (to the nearest £100,000)

Thus the correct answer is (B), £85,900,000


620 takers, 172 correct, 448 wrong, 28% success

So there you go - don’t feel too bad if you didn’t get this right. Most candidates don’t. However, with some practice you can learn how to get these right and make sure you stand out from the crowd.