Step 1: Get to Know About the Format of Test

Most of the questions will be based on topics such as electrical circuits, pulleys, springs, gears and acceleration. Usually, you will get an image, illustrating the mechanical and electrical scenario for which relevant questions will be asked.

The images might be specific to a particular sector that means they could include a question that refers to a scenario you are likely to experience in the role you have applied for.

Step 2: Know The Different Attributes of Mechanical Reasoning Test

There are numerous unique attributes in mechanical reasoning test that you must consider when practicing. These include:

  • Questions are deliberately phrased in an indistinct way.
  • Questions usually relate to an image that might appear to be unique as well.
  • The test follows the principle-based format compromising of a variety of subjects.

Step 3: Do More Practice

The more you will practice, the better you will be familiarized with the format and style of the test questions. You can download the online practice tests. In some cases, employers provide a preparation guide on their website. So, take advantage of it if your potential employer provides it.

For instance, Shell ( a renowned energy and petrochemical company) provides a 24-page guide for their “Industrial Aptitude Battery” test that covers sample questions and general tips and guidelines. Following such guides, you can do well on your big day.

Step 4: Improve Your Time Management

Excellent time management skills not only pay off at the time of preparation and but also in test-taking stages. Many candidates fail to answer their exams well due to a shortage of time. So, along with the proper practice, you should also focus on improving your time management.

Step 5: Some Other Tips to Pass Mechanical Reasoning Test

  • Answer each your question in a thorough and efficient manner
  • Think about the mechanical technique you will apply for each question
  • Read all the instructions carefully as you go along.
  • Always double check your answers to ensure you have calculated them correctly
  • You may refer to your personal experiences in the given scenarios
  • Make use of online practice tests to practice how to solve the mechanical reasoning test questions.

The employer may choose from various types of mechanical reasoning tests. So practice them well in advance. We hope these tips will help you succeed in mechanical reasoning tests.