Step 1: Know about psychometric tests

The first thing to understand here is that psychometric tests are unlike any other test you might have given. Being good at math or English would not guarantee success. Psychometric tests are designed to test both the knowledge and mental sharpness of the candidates. Furthermore, they are designed by keeping the custom requirements of the company in mind. Before you begin the preparation, you need to understand what psychometrics are and how they works.

Step 2: Investigate the interviewer

As mentioned earlier, psychometric tests are usually custom-made to suit the needs of the recruiting company. So naturally, it becomes important to know about the company itself and what exactly it might be looking for in a candidate. Like always, the Internet is the best resource for this. There are websites like Glassdoor dedicated to maintaining profiles of companies. If nothing else, don’t heist from picking up the phone and contacting the HR team of the company itself.

Step 3: Practice from anywhere you can

Now it is time to start practicing for the test itself. There are ample of resources avail be online to give a fair idea of the test. Some paid resources even go further. They give guidance on how to prepare for the test and evaluate your performance periodically. If not, you can always check it against other people taking the same test. It is wise to not be dependent on a single website for the entire preparation. Keep 2-3 websites around for the purpose of practicing.

Step 4: Set goals and plan ahead

Blindly practicing would not get you very far; you need to plan every step of your preparation. Start with identifying the subjects you are weak in. If English vocab is your weakness, begin by practicing it first. Begin with easy problems, and subsequently increase the difficulty as you progress. Timing is one of the most vital aspects of the exam. If you find it difficult to solve all questions within the time limit, choose lengthy sections you could skip.

Step 5: Be at your personal best

Beyond all the practice you had and all the knowledge you have accumulated, psychometrics are a measure of your thinking capabilities. Ergo, you will not be able to perform well if you are fatigued, no matter how much you have prepared. Before the test, give yourself a rest for a couple of days. Both your body and your mind should be at the best state possible for you. A calm mind is the best tool to pass a psychometric test.

Psychometric tests are not really easy to crack. But it could become a lot easier to crack them when following the right procedure.