Step 1: Research about your test

First of all, search for the test, you will be giving. Read everything you can find about numeracy tests in different guide books or on websites etc. Interact with people who have given these tests. This will provide you with a rough idea about how to perform in the test. Moreover, people can give you tips which you can use while preparing for your test.

Step 2: Practice different sample tests

You should practice as many samples or model papers as you can. You will not only get familiar with the format, but it will also improve your speed while solving questions. Set a time of twenty or thirty minutes and try to answer the questions within that time. This will help you to solve problems when time is short.

Step 3: Have a good sleep and bring all the necessary things

Health should be your utmost priority. Without good health, you won’t be able to give your full performance in the test. Hence, before the test, take proper rest so that you are fresh in the morning. Also, eat a healthy breakfast to have the energy for surviving the day.

Avoid asking for stationery from someone else. You should bring your things like some rough paper, a stopwatch, a calculator, some pencils, pens, etc. These things will help you during the test.

Step 4: Use your knowledge properly

If you have practiced different sample tests during your preparation, then you will pass the test easily as you will be familiar with the format. Whatever sort of questions you have practiced, if any problem comes similar to it in the paper, then use your knowledge correctly to solve the query. Most of the queries of the numeracy test are those that have already been in the previous tests. This gives you a chance to perform better in your test.

Step 5: Practice the conversion of different units

Most people get confused while converting different units of measurements. So, you should practice examples of converting one unit to another. Also, during the paper, read the questions carefully that which type of conversion is asked. Try to do it roughly at first, when you get sure about the answer, then write in a proper form.

Step 6: Focus on your paper

Everything is written on the paper, so keep your eyes on your test. Try not to divert your attention somewhere else. The test is timed, so manage your time correctly. Don’t waste it while looking here and there. Try to solve maximum questions correctly within the given time.

Step 7: Study the basic concepts of maths

Numeracy tests don’t include questions that are related to some complex concepts of maths. They are based on general concepts such as multiplication, subtraction, decimal conversion, addition, ratio & proportion, division, etc. These kinds of topics you have studied during secondary schooling. Hence, it would not be difficult. All you need to do is a practice of different sample tests so that it improves your speed.

Lastly, be confident while answering the questions. Have faith in your knowledge. If you have prepared well and has practiced a lot of tests under timed conditions, then there is no way you cannot pass this test. These kinds of aptitude tests refine your previous knowledge. You also get experience by which you can guide someone else preparing for the test.