Step 1: Change into decimal form

We can move two decimal places to the left of the percentage to change it to its decimal form.

For example, if we want to decrease 80 by 35%, we first change 35% to decimal.

Step 2: Multiply by the base value

To find the value to be decreased, multiply the decimal with the given base value.

Step 3: Subtract the base value

Subtract the base value from the value derived from Step 2. So, we subtract 28 from 80.

Examples of how to decrease percentages

Q) If we decrease 400 by 30%, what would that value be?

Move two decimal places to the left of 30%


Once we change 20% to its decimal form - 0.30, we then multiply the base value with 0.20.


We then subtract 120 from 400.


This means decreasing 400 by 30% would be equal to 280.