Step 1: Change the percentage by dividing it with 100

So, if we want to change 17.25% to a fraction, we express it as:

Step 2: Change numerator to a whole number

We want to change numerator to a whole number. To do so, move the decimal place to the right until the numerator is a whole number. Add the same number of zeroes on the denominator.

Step 3: Simplify the fraction

Simplify the fraction by cancelling out common factors.

Examples of how to convert percentages into fractions

Q1) Serena has completed 37.5% of her project. She plans to graph her progress on a pie chart. What fraction would 37.5% be?

Write 37.5 as the numerator and 100 as the denominator.


To make the numerator a whole number, we move one decimal place to the right of 37.5.


Simplify the fraction further by cancelling out common factors.


This means that Serena has already completed 3/8 of her project.