Step 1: Knowledge of different types of questions

When preparing for this test, the candidate should comprehend different question types that may come in the logical reasoning test. It may include different sections each having a specific category of questions like diagrammatic, deductive and inductive sections. Make sure you are aware of these categories.

Step 2: Divide the time precisely

When appearing in these tests, many companies may ask you to answer the question in a specific time span. In such a situation, every second is crucial. Make sure to divide the time among all the questions. Start by answering easy questions and then switch on the difficult one. The speed of your test should be generous for making complete use of the time available.

Step 3: Understand the learning techniques

Every question has its own technique to solve. In deductive reasoning questions, you can use methods such as Venn diagrams to solve these instantly. Whereas, when it comes to figurative questions, you can use an elimination process to streak out the least potential solutions first. When you spend time in these techniques and practice them regularly, you may easily score well in the tests.

Step 4: Assume answer before reading the given choices

Many candidates have a way to analyze the answer choices first and then match each answer to the sequence of figures in the questions. This approach is quite hard and takes more time. Rather than using this approach, you can analyze the given questions first and try to deduce the correct answer without referring to the options available. It may help you to find the right solution, disregarding the incorrect ones easily.

Step 5: Planning for the test

Before appearing for this test, it is important to strategize the way how you will attempt the test. Getting familiar with the test pattern and structure will make things easier for you. If you have a pre-planned strategy for approaching in these tests you’ll feel positive about it.

Step 6: Practicing

When you practice logical reasoning tests regularly, you will feel more confident on the test day and will give your best. By practicing test regularly, you may recognize your strong and weak areas. You can find many sample tests available online. Just practice as many as you can. Once you get familiar with the format, you will be confident while taking the Logical reasoning tests.