Step 1: Understand the “right fit” parameters

The best way to show that you are the best potential out there is to show how well you fit in. Every organization yearns and invests ample of money on finding the right candidate. These companies use every necessary technique to filter out the best candidates. Psychometric tests help build a behavioral profile which comes in handy for the recruiter. Understand the company’s culture and values and see how your attributes match with them. Bring them to the surface level while performing the test.

Step 2: Be thoroughly familiar with psychometric testing techniques

Unlike general aptitude tests, psychometric tests are designed to measure one’s abstract skills and analyze their personality traits. Psychometric tests are very unique. They don’t aim to only determine one’s intelligence but attributes and attitudes one holds. Hence one should be well-versed with psychometric tests and not confuse them with regular tests.

Step 3: Remain in the right mood

Every exam or test needs you to be in the right state of your mind. This isn’t true only for the mind, the body too needs to be in the right conditions. You mustn’t be tired, starved, sleep-deprived, extremely anxious or depressed before giving these tests. This can severely damage your mental capacity and ability to answer appropriately. It is advisable to sleep and eat well the night before the test and also nourish the mind with positive thoughts.

Step 4: Know the test format beforehand

Psychometric tests are popular and common these days. Being familiar with the format of the tests can help you prepare and strengthen your weak points. You must hone skills for verbal and logical aptitude skills and also work on your abstract skills. Being well-versed with the test format will help you gain a competitive edge.

Step 5: Practice the Psychometric Tests online

Although you cannot perfect the psychometric tests, being prepared can make your mind ready to be in the right mental framework. This is true for every section of the psychometric tests, be it verb skills, logical reasoning or abstract skills. Polish your other abilities such as using tools that may come handy like a calculator, reading graphs and tables, etc. Also, work on your timings. Try to finish off the tests before deadlines so as to be able to provide yourself with some time to re-evaluate.

Step 6: The impact of social desirability scale on the overall evaluation

A very tricky part of personality tests is that some questions assess if you are trying to make yourself look more socially appealing and hence faking your answers. The more you score high on the social desirability scale, the more you will be deemed to be a fake identity. Be honest and don’t lure into the trap of socially desirable answers.

Psychometric tests may seem tricky but if you practice them regularly and perform honestly during the test, there is no hurdle that you cannot pass.