Step 1: Study the basic maths concepts

Numeracy tests aren’t that difficult to solve if you have done enough practice. Arithmetical operations, ratio & proportion, percentage of all these topics you might have studied during your secondary schooling so it will not be difficult to solve this test. Hence, to start with preparation, revise the previous basic concepts deeply.

Step 2: Practice different tests

Practice different sample tests under timed conditions similar to the ones you will be facing at your exam day. Practicing will help you to understand the format of the paper before the day of test, and practicing under timed conditions will help you to improve your speed while answering questions under stress.

Step 3: Bring your things

Things like calculator, stopwatch, rough paper, pencils, pens, etc. will help you solve your test. Avoid borrowing things from others as it will waste your time. If you have your calculator, you know about its buttons and functions which will save you time. Using a rough paper will help you with working out steps you cannot do on paper. A stopwatch will help you manage your time.

Step 4: Read the instructions carefully

At the start of your paper, there will be some particular instructions which will help you in answering the questions. You should read them carefully. Instructions will guide you properly.

Step 5: Don’t get stuck on one question

Sometimes you get stuck in one of the query. Don’t waste time in thinking about the answer. Solve the other problems; maybe the easier ones are at the end of the paper. If some time is left by the end of exam, return to the question which was confusing you. In this way, you will not get stressed about the time if you want to focus on one query instead of solving the other questions.

Step 6: Try to compete with others

Practice makes a person perfect, and in numeracy tests you should practice as it involves calculations, practice as many questions as possible, it will improve your speed. As much hard work you will do, it will help you to get good results to stand out among other candidates.

Step 7: Have confidence

Be confident when you answer the questions mentioned in test. Have trust in your knowledge and preparation. Be optimistic about if you would get the job or not. Such tests increase your knowledge as well as experience. In case, you don’t pass the test or don’t get the job, don’t get upset and never go into any sort of despair. Probably the job wasn’t suitable for you. To do a job that doesn’t give you peace of mind and satisfaction is useless; therefore, have devotion in yourself and prepare for the next one.