You work for a health and beauty company. Your company has just finished its peak sales period and you’re winding down for next you. You receive this email from Lucy Woo, the secretary of The Synchronised Swimming Society

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing on behalf of our society, as we are looking for sponsorship of £8,000 towards our two-week tour to the Greek Island of Zante. Whilst we are there, we plan to demonstrate synchronised swimming in an attempt to raise the profile of the sport.

In return, we would promote your logo on our swimwear, as well as highlighting the benefits of some of your food and beauty products. Your slimming products and waterproof cosmetics are popular amongst our team members and so we think your brand would be a great fit.

We feel your sponsorship would be beneficial to both parties and look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully, Lucy Woo Secretary

What do you do? A - Bin the email B - Accept sponsorship C - Write a declining email

C – As you’ve just finished your peak sales period, this is probably not the best time for new sponsorship. Despite the negative response, you have taken the time to reply which ensures partnership opportunities are available in the future.