You receive this email from Mark Beale, your company’s legal advisers.

Subject: Impending legal action by Konnichi

Konnichi are considering taking legal action against us over the launch of gnasheroo toothpaste. The name ‘gnasheroo’ was registered by them three years ago and has been used for a highly successful foot cream in Japan. On the back of its success, they plan to market it in Europe and have raised concerns that we have launched a product under the same name.

What do you do? A - Immediately contact the legal team at Konnichi to try and resolve the issue B - Reply to email seeking legal advice, ‘cc’-ing in your boss C – Ignore it as this is outside of your expertise

B – Legal action could have major implications for your company so it is important that you have responded asking for legal advice, as well escalating to your boss.