You work for a high-end jewellery store. You’ve just ordered 10,000 leaflets for a leaflet drop scheduled for the weekend when you receive this email from Jennifer Bennet, your senior marketing manager.

Subject: Leaflet error

I’m afraid there’s been an issue with our leaflets. A couple of spelling mistakes have been found on the leaflets and unfortunately, the printers won’t be able to get them reprinted until Monday. I’ve checked the mock designs and the spelling mistakes were in the designs we submitted. What should we do?

A – Deliver them anyway B – Get them reprinted and deliver them the following week C – Demand your money back and use someone else

B – As you’re a high-end store, you can’t afford to tarnish your brand by sending out leaflets with errors. You also, will have trouble getting your money back as it was you who made the error. Plus, the designers haven’t let you down so they’re still the best supplier. The best thing you can do is get them reprinted and deliver them as soon as possible.