You receive this email from John Mill, a manager at your level and working in a closely related area The subject is drinks do, Bell & Anchor, Piccadilly this Friday.

Kate and I got engaged on Saturday and to celebrate we will be drinking at the Bell & Anchor on Friday at 5:30 followed by a Chinese banquet at 7:30. Please confirm your attendance so that we can book numbers at the restaurant. Partners are welcome.

The following message also arrives on your desk:

Your partner phoned while you are away from your desk to say that they have booked theatre tickets for the Regent Theatre in Piccadilly for Friday night. Performance starts at 7:45 p.m. Please call back to confirm attendance.

What do you do:

  • A) Go to John’s drinks and theatre
  • B) Go to John’s drinks, meal theatre
  • C) Go to John’s drinks only a this shows you’re trying to reconcile your work-related social engagements with your personal life.

John is a manager at your level and works in a closely related area so it would be worthwhile and polite to accept the drinks at least ideally you’d call your partner in response to their telephone message to confirm you can attend the theatre and invite them to drinks at the Bell & Anchor.