You receive this email from J. Douglas…

Subject: Delivery of new company car

Your new company car will be ready for collection between 3-5pm on 21st October – the same day you have a conference. The specification of the new car includes heated seats, air bags and traction control, all for the price originally agreed. Your old car will be collected from the Head Office car park on the afternoon of the same day. Please ensure you arrange for both cars to be collected and notify me of any faults you notice immediately.

What do you do? A - Collect the car yourself B - Arrange to collect the car another day C - Arrange for someone else to collect the car

The correct answer is B - Even though it’s a new company car, and you want to pick it up, you have a conference that day. By re-arranging for another day, you are still able to take responsibility for the pick-up and drop-off of both cars.