Situational Judgment Tests assess an individual’s analysis skills, decision making, and problem-solving skills in relation to a particular scenario. The response you give makes the assessor understand your judgment effectiveness if presented with challenging situations at workplace. Therefore, a Situational Judgment Test is a crucial component of the recruitment process.

During a job interview, you are provided with a hypothetical workplace situation and you are supposed to identify the most relevant response. In most cases, the workplace scenario provided relates to the job role of the applicant. In the following section, we provide tips on how you can do Situational Judgment Tests the right way.

Tips to do Situational Judgment Tests the Right Way

First, you are supposed to do thorough research about the job role you are applying for since the Situational Judgement Test will most probably be based on it. Therefore, knowing what your job role entails give you the confidence of doing well when presented with a Situational Judgement Test. If you are not aware of the specific job role, it is important to contact the company and get a full job description, and this will ensure you pass the test.

Second, you are supposed to carefully diagnose the particular scenario presented to you during the time of taking the test to establish the problem to be resolved. This may require reading the scenario presented more than once to fully understand the nature of the problem. A superficial reading of the test presented and making rushed judgments can make you arrive at the wrong answer.

Third, you are supposed to manage your time well as most of Situational Judgment Tests are timed. There may be several situational judgment questions required to be answered and this makes it important to allocate time effectively to avoid getting stuck on one query and rush over the rest when time is running out.

Finally, practice before underking the real test. Situational Judgment Tests are available online and doing practice with such tests can significantly improve your competence and confidence.