If you want to take a career in a big firm with a lot of data configuration, then you might be asked to take numerical reasoning tests. These tests are also helpful if you want to decide about your career and want to know about your mathematical aptitude. In any case, if you are taking a numerical aptitude test, then you should keep in mind the following:

Read Questions Carefully

The most common mistake made by almost everyone is not to read the question completely or even if you have read it you don’t understand it. If you don’t understand the question, you might end up with the wrong answer. No matter how good you are at math, you have to understand the question completely to have the right answer.

Do Your Research

If you are taking the test to get a job, you should always start researching about the test as soon as you find out about taking it. When you know that you are taking a test, start looking for the provider who has devised the test. It will help you understand the pattern as well as the nature of questions. It can be a big help for you to understand the test as well as questions, and then you can prepare better by practising the same type of questions.

You Own Calculator

There is a little chance that you need to take your own calculator because most of the times they give you a calculator and do not allow you to use yours. However, you should always take your calculator with you because in case they don’t give you a calculator then you won’t have to do it on your phone’s calculator. Moreover, familiarity with functions and buttons of your own calculator can be a plus for you in a stressful situation, and I can also save you time. Also, try to take the calculator, which shows the last entries.

Double Check your Answers

Even if you are really good at math, you should always check for the method you have applied to do the math. Always consider the options given in your test and look for the method you have adopted more than once. Often you see that a few minor mistakes come to surface when you check the results one more time.

Time Check

You don’t have much time while solving the math problem, so always allocate your time to a single question. For example, you can give 10-30 seconds to one question depending on the time limit you have.


Practice makes a man perfect, and in math, you have to practice day and night to get better at it. Before taking your test, try to do all kind of questions you have learnt in your math course.

Rough Work

Try to solve the questions on rough paper before answering on the paper; it will reduce the chances of error. Numerical reasoning can only be passed if you have an attitude towards math, so try to get a better understanding of mathematical questions.