Input type questions involve a set of rules that you must apply to a sequence which could consist of a string of letters or a collection of shapes.

Input rules can directly affect individual parts of a sequence OR they might affect the sequence as a whole. For example, one rule might reverse the order of the sequence:

Let’s make this a bit easier and look at an example;

We are given the following rules: AB reverse the order of the sequence BC insert the letter Q at the end of the sequence CD delete the third character in the sequence

We are told that our starting sequence is NOGDFA.

Now we need to apply the three rules above to this sequence. If we follow the rules in the order, we get the following.

Firstly, reverse the order: So NOGDFA becomes AFDGON

Insert the letter Q: So AFDGON becomes AFDGONQ

Finally, delete the third character: So AFDGONQ becomes AFGONQ

And there we have our answer.

You need to read the rules carefully before applying them to the sequence BUT don’t forget input questions are designed to test how quickly you can visualise the change to your sequence. The best scorers in these tests work accurately AND quickly.