Most of us are new to aptitude tests. It can be daunting to face them so here are the most commonly asked questions and answers about aptitude tests to get you started.

What’s the best way to prepare for my aptitude test?

Practice aptitude tests as much as possible before your assessment centre, the more you practice the better you will get and more comfortable you will feel on your assessment day.

When is it too late to practice?

It’s worth getting in as much practice as possible before your assessment but even if you’ve got your assessment tomorrow you can still get valuable practice in now, which could be the difference between passing and failing.

Why should I bother paying for aptitude tests?

The free tests on this site are designed to give you a taste of what sort of thing to expect during your psychometric aptitude test. By upgrading you’ll get access to a wider range of question types such as those based around profit and loss accounts, practicing a wider range of questions will put you in a stronger position to pass your aptitude test.

I’m good at Maths and English why should I bother practicing?

Today’s job market is incredibly competitive, scoring as highly as possible in each area of your numerical and verbal reasoning assessment exercises is vital to stand a chance of securing a job. Other successful candidates will have prepared heavily for their psychometric aptitude tests so it’s essential you do as well.

How long should I spend preparing for my psychometric aptitude tests?

Spend as long as you can, the more practice you get in before your assessment the better you will score and the more likely you are to secure the job you want.

How long should I spend on each question?

Do a quick calculation before the test starts – divide the total time by the number of questions that will give you a guide as to how long to spend on each question. If you get stuck move on easier questions could be located later in the test.

I’ve got an Accenture aptitude test how do I find out what sort of questions I will be asked?

Whether you have an Accenture aptitude test, a PWC aptitude test, a KPMG aptitude test or an aptitude test with any other Company it’s worth getting in contact with them before to find out what sort of assessment they use to test candidates, it’s best to contact their HR team for this information.

What’s the best format in which to practice aptitude tests?

Find out from your assessor what format your aptitude test will be in – it will either be on a computer or written. Then try to get as much practice in this format as possible.