Passing your psychometric tests first time is not easy. After all, unless you’re the kind of character who practices tests for fun, the chances are they’ll represent a whole new experience for you. Make things a little easier for yourself by reading these 7 top tips to help you pass first time.

1) Question practice is key

Research has shown that question practice is the most effective way to improve your psychometric test performance. It’s essential that you have access to high quality questions so make sure that choose a practice website which offers questions which have been developed with chartered occupational psychologists. All our tests have been developed with ex SHL and KENEXA chartered occupational psychologists.

2) Get used to working under exam conditions

Psychometric tests are stressful primarily because you are required to complete them under extreme time pressure. If you practice under timed exam conditions and stick to timings i.e. don’t spend too long on any individual question then you should find your real assessment less stressful and this should boost your performance.

3) Focus on your weak areas

We all like doing what we’re good at but you can boost the effectiveness of your revision time by focusing on the tests and questions you find the hardest.

Invest time reviewing questions you get wrong after each test.

All our members have access to their own personal dashboard where they can review the questions they got wrong and identify their weakest areas. This has been shown to boost the efficiency of revision time.

4) Research is essential

It’s tempting to dive straight into your test when it first appears in your inbox but take time to thoroughly prepare for your psychometric test. Preparation is not just question practice; make sure you read all the instructions carefully. Do some research about the company you are applying to, if you’re applying to a big graduate recruiter visit our top employer profiles page.

5) Ensure your Internet browser is updated

Test publishers are constantly updating and amending their assessments. This includes questions and technology. Make sure your browser is up to date prior to starting your assessment. Google Chrome or IE are good browsers to choose.

6) Don’t cheat

It might seem tempting to get a friend to help you if you’ve been asked to sit a psychometric test remotely. Many employers retest candidates during an assessment centre. The pattern of your responses from the two tests will then be compared to identify cheats.

7) Plan your revision time

Planning and being fully prepared is key to passing your psychometric test. Ensure you set aside time for question practice – it’s best way to improve your scores and pass first time.

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