Need some super quick tips to help you pass your psychometric tests? We’ve outlined 5 tips that will give you the perfect way to get started.

1) Stick to your timings

Before you sit your assessment work out how many questions are in the test and how long you have to answer each question. Try to stick to this and don’t get bogged down answering one particular question, move on if you get really stuck, easier questions could follow.

2) Focus on your weaker areas

Concentrate on the questions you find the hardest during practice. Everyone likes doing things they’re good at but focusing on improving your weakest areas will boost your score. If you get stuck in your real assessment don’t be afraid to move on.

3) Test like you mean it

Practice in exam conditions. To ensure your aptitude test preparation is as effective as possible get used to practicing the tests at a desk free from distractions.

4) Get the right tools

Have plenty of rough paper handy. Leave yourself lots of space for your workings, having your calculations packed together on a single piece of paper can get very confusing. Help yourself by leaving plenty of space for workings.

5) Practice as many questions as possible

The more you practice, the better you’ll get. Upgrade to our full package to get access to our diverse range of professionally developed questions and solutions – ensure you’re prepared to ace your aptitude test and really differentiate yourself from the competition.

With recent reports showing there are over 50 applicants per place for the most popular grad schemes in finance, law, engineering and business it’s essential to perform your best.