Preparing for psychometric tests can be stressful and time consuming.

You can improve the effectiveness of your preparation time by utilising our test dashboard.

Our test dashboards is available to all our members and shows you:

– Your test history
– How your scores compare to others who sat the same test
– Areas you need to focus on to improve
– A detailed record of your historical performance question by question

Research has shown that the most effective way to prepare for your psychometric tests is question practice. You can further improve the efficiency of your revision time by quickly being able to identify where you are going wrong and focus on your weakest areas.

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You’ll also have access to hundreds of professionally developed psychometric test questions which have been developed with ex SHL and KENEXA chartered occupational psychologists.

Combine our member dashboard with these top tips for passing your psychometric tests:

1. Question practice is key, practice as many professionally developed questions as possible before your real test.
2. Focus on the questions you find hardest.
3. Practice in exam conditions i.e. sticking to time and with rough working paper, a calculator etc.
4. Use our dashboard to improve the effectiveness of your revision time!

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