These days, you need more than an impeccable resume, relevant experience, education, and skill set. In the employer’s eyes, it’s not all about what you do – it’s how you do it that ultimately matters.


When you apply for jobs, you have a pretty good idea what employers are looking for. Ads usually include the job description and the requirements needed to land an interview, at the very least. But for the most part, employers are looking for a bit more than a full resume. Let’s face it – they’ve got plenty of candidates to choose from in this economy, no matter what field you’re in. You’ve got to stand out, and you’ve got to have the following traits those employers what in potential employees:



Employees want honest employees. Honesty and integrity go hand in hand, especially in the workplace. Your bosses are hoping that you “do the right thing, even when no one is looking.” They have to be able to rely on the fact that you have honor, ethics, and moral principles. This is especially true for jobs that require a great deal of cash and/or merchandise handling.


Eagerness to learn

Employers want to know that you are willing to learn new skills pertaining to your job (and beyond). Rarely do they wish to hire people who seem to know it all.



Employers have to be able to depend on their employers, through thick and thin. If you’re the type of employee who calls out sick a lot especially when it’s busy, you may not be dependable in their eyes. Managers do not want to waste their time with people who aren’t going to be there every day.



Professionals who are flexible and easy to work with are desirable candidates for jobs. If you’re trying to market yourself to snag a great job, you can’t be stuck in your ways. Be willing to adapt to new and different environments and tasks.


Leadership qualities

Are you willing to take charge when the going gets tough? Employers love workers who can show leadership in order to achieve certain company goals. Leaders accept responsibility and accountability, and this is what potential employers are searching for.


Multitasking abilities

These days, multitasking is crucial in the workforce. Most people aren’t hired to simply perform one task. They are responsible for many roles, and a great employee knows how to juggle these roles when needed.



There’s nothing worse than an employee who is late all of the time and has a million excuses. Employers can’t stand tardiness, and for good reason. They simply can’t depend on a worker who doesn’t show up on time. Do whatever you have to do to get to work when scheduled.


Communication skills

The importance of the ability to effectively communicate can’t be stressed enough. And communication doesn’t just involve being able to talk to customers or making presentations. It’s about listening, writing, selling ideas, and negotiating. Those are the skills that will get you in the door!